In the global market, the need to reduce supply transportation costs and to increase the shelf-life of the products, have for a long time lead to the demand for frozen food in the international food market. Totem food is an Italian company specializing in deep-freezing and commercializing traditional Italian food, in particular high quality dairy products from South Italy. The high quality of these products is consistently reached and guaranteed through exclusive deep-freezing techniques, which are tested and refined thanks to a study and a collaboration with Research labs, food industry companies and Universities (Università di Basilicata, Bari etc.). The result is that Totem Food’s frozen foods preserve the taste, quality, and freshness and do not require expensive transportation costs.

The huge variety of frozen products meet all the needs of food services and of the international food market.

Totem Food operates between innovation and tradition guaranteeing the advantages of both and is a concrete reference point for international food service.

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