Quality at Totem Foods means

  • continuous improvement of the product performance;
  • guaranteed respect for all codes in regards to applicable enforced regulations in processing and storage, factory specifications, and a healthy working environment (HACCP);
  • avoiding ingredients that are derived from or that contain GMO;
  • constant research for solutions and opportunities to satisfy clients’ requirements;
  • actively promoting the growth of new and innovative products;
  • achieving all defined quality standards.

The Chill Quality - Cryogenically freezing process

The cryogenically food process essentially uses two liquids, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
Due to their frozen properties, the cryogenic liquids allow for the most formidable conditions during the freezing phase. Furthermore, the formation of ice microcrystals preserves the quality of even the most delicate foods.
The rapid cooling down process therefore allows the food to maintain its original freshness, taste, colour and aroma.


We have always been committed to produce, work and plan in full respect for the environment, and our aim is the preservation of natural resources for future generations. In order to reach this ambitious target, we made alliance with Dairies who are involved in the research of the best solutions for a proper use of natural resources and all the international quality standard to best serve your Company:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification
  • UNI 10939:2001 Traceability Certification in the Food Chain

These new certifications of dairies complete those already existing and convey to the costumer a new image of our company. High quality in our manufacturing:

  • BRC Level “A”;
  • IFS Higher Level

The BRC standard is drawn up from the British Retail Consortium, the association which represents 90% of Anglo-Saxon retailers, just like the IFS standard, International Food Standard. The purpose of these standards is to create a common base, recognized by international retailers and the food industry, through which tha qualitative and hygienic-sanitary performances can be verified. By the acquisition, from our dairies, of these new standards, we reached the maximum level of guaranteed security for the customer.